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Temperatures, shocks, magnetic fields

  • Avoid extreme shocks and vibrations to your watch.
  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Do not expose the your watch to extreme magnetic fields for any long period of time.


Tips on Keeping your watch Water Resistant

  • Take off your water-resistant watch prior to showering or washing dishes. Soap reduces the surface tension of water and increases the chances the water can get past the seals.
  • Once a year, have your watch's water resistance checked and have any bad seals/gaskets replaced.
  • If you notice condensation under the crystal or on the dial of the watch, take it to a watchmaker immediately.
  • If your watch has a screwdown crown, make sure it is screwed down before swimming of getting it wet.
  • Always rinse your watch in tap water after swimming in chlorinated water or in the sea.

What are some tips for quartz watches?

Operating a Quartz (Battery) Watch

  • If the watch is not going to be worn for a long period of time, stop the movement by pulling the crown out to time setting position. This will stop the watch and preserve the battery.
  • Have the battery checked every two years by a competent watchmaker.
  • When the battery is changed, have the watchmaker insure the watch is pressure-tight to withstand dust and moisture
  • If the second hand starts advancing in four-second increments, the battery needs to be replaced. Watches will run another 1-4 weeks when the battery is low.

Can I change the date at any time? No, here's why...

Setting The Date On Mechanical Watches

  • Never change the date manually when the hour hand is about the 9 and 3.. Adjusting the date with the quick-set can damage the movement in this position.
  • Never wind the hands back beyond the 12-midnight position, this can damage the movement.
  • Some watches with complex movements and/or features require special care; please check the instructions that came with the watch.

How do you use a manual wind watch?

Operating an Manual Wind Watch

  • With a new watch, wear it every day for at least two weeks
  • Wind the watch first, and then set the hands
  • Wind the watch slowly and regularly
  • Wind it daily, and if possible do so in the morning

How do you use an automatic watch?

Operating an Automatic Watch

With a new watch, wear it every day for at least two weeks.

  • Wind the watch first, and then set the hands with the crown.
  • Wind an automatic watch 30 to 40 times to power the main spring. This helps guarantee optimum torque.
  • If you wear the watch daily, and only take it off at night, there should be no need to wind the watch.

  • Note: Many watches have a screwdown crown that must be released.

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