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Why are gold watches so expensive?

The High Retails of Gold Watches

The retail prices of gold watches are generally much higher than their steel counterparts. If diamonds are added, the price rises even higher. The retail price compared to the actual costs of the precious metals and stones used are not consistent.

Gold prices are traditionally fixed in US$ per troy oz (31.1grams). The price is currently around $430 per troy oz (Nov-4-2004). Most companies do not indicate the weight or how much gold is used in their watches. A typical ladies watch with gold bracelet will weigh about 3 ounces (2.7 troy). Remove the movement and other parts, and you have about 1.5 troy oz. That's about $645 of gold value. A gold gents watch on bracelet will weigh 5-8 oz. . That would leave 2-5 troy oz. That's only $860 to $2150 in gold... And if it weighs 8 oz, that's one heck of a hefty piece! A Gold Rolex Submariner comes close to that and retails at $19,750. The standard President which is a little lighter retails at $19,300. It is clear that these companies are making a lot more money on gold watches. To see real examples of how much discounting can be done, check out the gold inventory on our website. A watch with a leather strap will have less than half of the gold weight as a piece with a solid gold bracelet.

What if I want a real gold watch but can only afford so much?

Options for Affording a Gold Watch

Many watches that are offered in solid gold are also offered in combinations of 18k Gold & Stainless Steel. These watches can often have retails 70% lower, and offer a great alternative. The retail cost of a gold bracelet can add several thousand as it will contain more gold than the watch itself. Consider a watch with gold head and a leather strap.

What if I want the effect of gold without having to pay for real gold?

Gold Plating on Swiss Watches

Gold plating technologies have improved over the decades. Gold plating (and gold itself) is often used in electronics and other sectors. This demand has dramatically increased the quality of gold plating procedures.

A thin layer of gold is applied to the base metal (usually steel) which gives it the gold color. These coatings are highly resistant and long lasting. Not all gold plating is equal, as anyone who has bought a fake gold Rolex from New York or Mexico will tell you. Oris produces some of the highest quality gold plated watches we have ever seen.

What is vermiel?


Vermeil is gold plating applied to .950 sterling silver.

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