Water Resistance

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What does the water resistance rating really mean?

Water Resistance

Water resistance is normally expressed in meters. This rating is only theoretical and refers to the depth that a watch will keep water out if the watch and water are both motionless. These conditions never really exist in real life because the user's arm movement dramatically increases the pressure on the watch, along with the water moving itself. The chart below should help you understand how deep you can really go with your watch.

Measurement Units: 1 meter is about 3.3 feet / 1 ATM (atmosphere) or bar is about 10 meters
Technically, 1 atm = 14.7 psi = 1.03 kilograms per square centimeter = 1 bar

If a watch is labeled only "water-resistant." It can withstand splashes of water but should not be submerged in any water.

50 meters: suitable for brief water exposure
100 meters: suitable for standard swimming pools
200 meters: suitable for recreational scuba diving
1,000 meters: (roughly three-fifths of a mile).

Watches should not be put in a sauna or a hot tub since the exposure to heat can easily make the gaskets lose their shape and ability to keep water and dust out.

Watches should not be worn in the bath/shower. The soap suds reduce the surface tension of the rubber gasket in the watch, which allows water to get in. The soap can also damage the seal itself. So we highly recommend you do not bathe with your watch.



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